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Richland College in Dallas, TX, in collaboration with the Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving-Institution (AANAPISI) Program is hosting a two-day conference for institutions of higher education interested in improving minority student success.  We invite you as a TRIO Program Professional to attend this discussion on the use of quantitative data to modify and improve existing programs and initiatives or qualitative research, best practices, and innovations that address success for minority students. 

Dates: Friday, October 20th – Saturday, October 21st, 2017

For register or for more information on the breakout sessions, roundtable and program discussions, and to view the Convening schedule, visit http://richlandcollege.edu/msi-convening/ The registration deadline is Friday, October 6. 

August 31, 2017

This is the first slate of the FY17 Upward Bound Math and Science Program awards.  In the coming days, the Department will issue grant award notification documents electronically and will contact all successful applicants directly to provide detailed information about their awards.  Applicants with scores within the funding band will be notified of the opportunity to request a second review of their unsuccessful applications.  In addition, unsuccessful applicants that are current grantees will also be notified.  New applicants that are unsuccessful in the competition will be notified shortly thereafter.  Applicants in the funding band will have at least 15 calendar days after receiving notification that its application was not funded to request a second review of their application if they chose to.   The Department will grant a request for the second review of an application if the Department determines that a technical or administrative error occurred in the initial review of the application or if a scoring error was made by the Department or a peer reviewer during the first review.  We will be notifying congressional delegations of the second slate of awards once they are selected.


The U.S. Department of Education announces the following new Fiscal Year 2017 grants: Upward Bound Math and Science; Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance(CFDA) Number 84.047M.



Applicant Name

Budget Amount



LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc.




Southwestern Christian College




Southern Methodist University




Texas A&M University - Kingsville




Texas Wesleyan University




Southern Methodist University




West Texas A&M University




The University of Texas at Arlington




San Antonio College




Texas A&M University - Kingsville




The University of Texas at Arlington




University of Texas Rio Grande Valley




Opportunity Resource Services


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Your  News & Updates


Welcome by our TASSSP President

Hello Texas TRIO,

Greetings from your 2017-2018 TASSSP President! This year we are off to a great start! Your TASSSP Board and I would like to thank all of you for all the demanding work you do each day for our students. Congratulations to our Immediate Past President Priselda Perez and her Conference Chair Brad Gifford and his committee on a job well done! Our 44th Annual Conference in Tyler was one of the most successful conferences TASSSP has had. In addition, your Texas TRIO representatives participated in one of the highest attended COE Annual Policy Seminars ever. There were over 740 TRIO Professionals and Alumni in D.C. lobbying for our students and programs. Texas had over 30 TRIO Professionals and Alumni on "The Hill" Fired Up and Ready to Go!Thirty-two TRIO Professionals and Alumni attended 2017 Policy. Our goal for 2018 is to have at least 50 in attendance!

On April 28, we will be visiting our Texas State Capitol for a day with over 200 TRIO staff and students in attendance.  We will be touring the Capitol and learning about the legislative process while exposing state representatives to TRIO programs and students.

The first week in May your TASSSP Board will be meeting to discuss our Strategic Plan and Goals for 2017-18.  Some of the goals that we will be discussing are ways to:

  • increase our membership to 500 paid members! (Currently we have around 250 active members);
  • support our alliances to help increase attendance, participation, and networking;
  • increase our advocacy for TRIO programs at the local, state, and national levels;                 
  • build an TRIO Alumni Association for graduate and former TRIO students to network and advocate for TRIO programs.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can accomplish our goals, please email me and I will share them with our board.


Remember the work that you do daily is making a tremendous impact on the lives of many students.


Tony R. Hall                                                                                                           TASSSP President

Texas TRIO Programs Work!!!


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Stan "The Budget Guy" Collender addresses critical budget issues facing TRIO.

It always insightful to hear Mr. Collender address fiscal topics and issues involving our government. This year "The Budget Guy" mentioned the looming debt ceiling deadline coming April 28th, the GOP attempt to repeal & replace the Affordable Care Act, and he emphasized taking President Trump's proposed budget seriously. He seeks to drastically decrease discretionary spending by 25% to fund the U.S. military. In regards to the debt ceiling, he stated there is a real possibility for another government shutdown.  Through these topics, Mr. Collender emphasized the importance of national advocacy. He stated it is making a difference and congressional members are listening. He stated we need to convey to congress how these cuts will impact students who need TRIO programs. We thank Mr. Collender for supporting COE and our programs. 

TASSSP Policy Team in Action!
 The Policy Team of T.A.S.S.S.P.

TASSSP, we want to recognize the members of the 2017 TASSSP Policy Team. We are sincerely grateful for their advocacy and leadership. The alumni were truly amazing! Each of their stories demonstrated that TRIO works in Texas. All of them truly make the difference in DC as in the communities. Thank you all for a successful policy seminar! Our fight has just begun! TRIO WORKS!

Gilbert Morales               Dafney Bell

Martin Lopez                   Desiree Padron

Jeff Kahlden                    Jennifer Sutton

Tony Hall                         Keelah Wilson

Al Bacon                         Kristal McGhee

Nathan Edwards             Martika Jacobs

Regan Arevalos              Patricia Hernandez

Brad Gifford                    Priselda Perez

Fidel Zapata                   Tiffany Lewis

Guy Melton                     Vonice Champ 
Michele Sofield               Dawana Lewis

Virginia Day                    James Spigner
Corina Santos                 Kyle Price

Valerie Boyer

Congressman Mike Simpson: TRIO Champion of Idaho 

Congressman Mike Simpson (R) of the 2nd District-Idaho was the keynote speaker during the Tuesday morning plenary at Policy Seminar. The congressman demonstrated how important TRIO is to him by skipping out on the Republican House Representative meeting scheduled with President Trump. This was met with roaring applause by the audience. Congressman Simpson stated he does not support the skinny budget of President Trump. He recognizes thousands of low income and first generation students would be adversely impacted by these cuts. Congressman Simpson verbally pledged to fight the cuts. It was assuring to know TRIO has the support of both sides of the aisle.

San Antonio Alliance proves TRIO WORKS!

TRIO professionals from UT San Antonio, Trinity University and Communities in Schools of San Antonio as well as a current McNair Student from UTSA were able to speak with the offices of Congressmen Lloyd Doggett (D - District 35), Will Hurd (R-District 23), Henry Cuellar (D- District 28), Vicente Gonzalez (D - District 15), Joaquin Castro (D District 20) and Lamar Smith (R - District 21). Overall it was a great experience with every congress member except Lamar Smith saying that they supported TRIO and believed that we are doing great things with low-income, first generation students. Several staff members also expressed interest in their representatives joining the TRIO caucus, however none gave definitive answers. We were fortunate enough to meet with Rep. Castro in person, and he was incredibly supportive of TRIO and expressed his personal interest in joining the caucus as well as making time to come and visit our programs in person. We definitely left with an overwhelmingly hopeful feeling that our state representatives are fully behind TRIO and everything we do for our students! 

T.A.S.S.S.P. seeks new TRIO champion in Congressman Ted Poe

Current T.A.S.S.S.P. President-Elect Al Bacon had the opportunity to visit with Representative Ted Poe (R-District 2). Mr. Poe expressed his support for education and strongly believes it is the great equalizer. The Congressman recognize President Trump's skinny budget would adversely impact the students who depend on TRIO programs. He firmly believes the proposed budget will not stand. We thank Mr. Representative Poe for taking time of his schedule to visit with our team and we hope to add him to our list of TRIO championships.

TRIO Champion Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee pledges support for funding!

The TASSSP Policy team of Houston had the opportunity to meet with Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee-(D-18th District). She remains one of the steadfast supporters of TRIO programs. She vocalized her disappointment in the proposed budget by President Trump. She firmly believes programs such as TRIO are vital for student success. We thank Representative Jackson Lee for her leadership and support of TRIO. 

3 photo(s) Updated on: 21 Jun 2017
  • Elizabeth Morales (Left), Wynette Keller (Right)
  • Nora Loeung (Left), Karen Wilkerson (Right)
  • Fidel Zapata (Left), Tim Eshak (Center), Jennifer Sutton (Right)
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